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At Cutting Edge Tactics and Training LLC, my goal is to train Americans to become the defenders of their family and communities. The tactical firearms training I offer is applicable to real-life scenarios.

Cutting Edge Tactics and Training was created in order to provide every American life-saving training that will prepare them to step up and defend their family and community.

In the summer of 2020, we saw American cities and towns overrun with riots, protests, and looting. Many Americans were unable to defend themselves or their families and had to watch helplessly as their cities and towns were destroyed, their livelihoods ruined, and even loved ones die in the violence. We also saw during this time the failure of many law enforcement agencies to protect their cities and counties.

What perks does your business offer for the Patriots?
Cutting Edge Tactics and Training offers a 10% discount for all individual training services for Military and First Responder owned businesses.
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